My Cosy Retreat - Our story

Hello, lovely people and welcome to My Cosy Retreat… my little sanctuary where I’m happy to share with you my love and admiration for crystals,  beautifully handcrafted boho-chic natural stone jewelry and nature-inspired fashion accessories.

I’m Gerry, a free spirit, a hopeless romantic and a big dreamer: ) I’m blessed to be a full-time mama of two beautiful souls, who are my best buddies, my wise teachers and my constant source of light and inspiration. I have always been an out-of-the box thinker, looking at life from a different perspective. Maybe, this led me to the place where I am now and helped me to fulfill one of my wildest dreams to live in gorgeous, sunny Thailand. This country captured my heart long time ago and has been calling me for years to come here and live a slow and peaceful life. As deep admirer of Mother Earth, I’m beyond grateful to live in one of the most stunning places in the world and explore the beauty of Southeast Asia with my little tribe. We all appreciate the simple things in life and try to enjoy them every day to the fullest!

However, to be honest, I have passed through many struggles during the past few years, related to family, health and close relationships. But, now I realize that all of these challenges were a true blessing from the Universe. A special gift that brought my spiritual awakening and helped me discover my true self, as well as my life path and purpose. Fortunately, crystals and natural stones became a huge part of this journey. These magical healing gemstones supported me so much in my personal growth and transformation. They encouraged me to finally start loving myself and helped me heal my wounds and achieve the dreamy balance between Mind, Body and Spirit.

As a huge bohemian lover, I just L-O-V-E wearing my favorite crystals as beautiful boho-chic pieces of jewelry. I have plenty of them and they make me truly happy! I’m so grateful that there is such a great community of talented artists and craftsmen around the world who create amazing handmade jewelry items, made of natural stones. In this little space here, I decided to select one of the most stunning handmade beauties for you… Keep in mind, that each crystal is unique and has their own wonderful healing abilities. Therefore, in the description of each jewelry item, I tried to give as much useful information as possible, so, please read carefully, but most importantly listen to your heart when you choose the perfect one for you: )

Thank you! I truly hope to enjoy your time here!

Love & Good Vibes,