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My Cosy Retreat is a beautiful, happy place for handcrafted boho-chic natural stone jewelry and gorgeous nature-inspired fashion accessories. A lovely space for unique, handmade beauties created with much love and care by talented artists and craftsmen around the world. We truly hope that our little sanctuary will bring light and positive vibes into your life. Enjoy, dear friends : )

Handcrafted Natural Stone Bracelets

Follow your heart and choose the one that will make you truly happy!

Why to choose us

We created this beautiful space here, following our love and passion for crystals, stunning handmade natural stone jewelry pieces and nature-inspired fashion accessories. Our selection features high quality handcrafted items, created by talented craftsmen around the world. We offer Free Shipping Worldwide and can send your favourite item to any part of the world.

100% unique natural stones

handcrafted with much love

Free shipping worldwide!

The testimonials min

The testimonials min

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